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The Associate of Science Biology Transfer Major is designed for students wishing to pursue various tracks within the field of Biology, including pre-medicine, Neuroscience, and Wildlife/Conservation Biology.  Students upon graduation with an AS Degree in Biology from WITCC will be able to:

  • Explain how the evolutionary process works, and how it gave rise to the diversity of organisms on Earth today.
  • Recognize and categorize the important organic molecules that make up all living things.
  • Describe how organisms are classified using the modern biological classification scheme, and the key criteria that are used to distinguish the major groups.
  • Describe how genetic material is transmitted from one generation to the next in eukaryotes.
  • Explain the levels of organization and structure in both plants and animals.
  • Describe the functions of major structures within a cell, and how proteins are built within a cell.
  • Explain the various ways that organisms may interact with one another ecologically, and with their non-living environment.
  • Apply proper scientific terminology appropriately both verbally and in writing.
  • Analyze scientific data both graphically and statistically to reach a reasonable conclusion.
  • Relate and apply material learned in other coursework to the field of biology.

Associate of Science


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Pamela Ives
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Career Information

A biology student studies living organisms' functions and characteristics. This includes the origin and history of animal and plant life, and their characteristics, function, processes and habits. View career outlook information. 


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Susan McDonald
Biology Instructor
Call  712.317.3139
Sioux City Campus, Room L307

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